Data communications and service provider categories


    Acosol, S.A. (hereinafter ACOSOL) hereby informs you of the possible data communications that may occur due to legal requirement. Additionally, you are informed of the list of categories of service providers who may (even potentially) have access to personal data on behalf of ACOSOL, with access limited to the service provision contracted by ACOSOL and following the appropriate documents being signed to guarantee data security, such as personal data processing order agreements, agreements with contractual clauses of the kind approved by means of European Commission Decisions or the Spanish Data Protection Agency, etc.

    In any event, you can email the Data Protection Representative of ACOSOL at to request additional information about the contractual documents signed and/or European Commission Decisions applied, having first removed the confidential data, if applicable. The information contained in this document is for informative purposes only.

    Possible data communications

    • State Security Forces.
    • Courts.
    • Western Costa del Sol Council Association.
    • State Tax Administration Agency.
    • Consumer and User Associations.
    • General Treasury of the Social Security.
    • Provincial Revenue Collection Board of Málaga.
    • Regional Government of Andalusia.
    • Banks.
    • Ombudsman.
    • Local authorities and entities that provide services related to the full water cycle.

    List of ACOSOL service provider categories (with potential access to personal data).

    • Customer service, customer management and contact centre services.
    • Telecommunications services.
    • IT, data hosting and cloud computing services.
    • Auditing and consultancy services.
    • Administrative and documentation services.
    • Revenue collection service.
    • Technical and maintenance services.
    • Postal, distribution and messaging services.
    • Documentation removal and destruction services.
    • Expert appraisal services for damage compensation payments.
    • Security services.
    • Other support activities.

    Location of provision of related services: Spain and the European Economic Area, having previously entered into the appropriate data processing service agreements.